Its time to move to All Flash

Discover an all-flash array that’s 
packed full of benefits.

You can increase productivity and easily manage 

multiple workloads from a single system. Provision

storage in just minutes for applications such as VMware, 

Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.


Flash for the price of disk. 
No compromises

  • More effective storage for less cost

  • 10x faster response time than hybrid arrays

  • Best-in-class integrated data protection

  • Continuous, uninterrupted access to your data


You can increase productivity 
and easily manage multiple 
workloads from a single system. Provision storage in just minutes for applications such as VMware, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server.


With built-in efficiency technologies, you get more storage at lower cost and increased speed for accelerated applications. NetApp Active IQ® data-driven analytics also make it easy to optimize storage availability 
and performance.


You can prevent data loss with fast, space-saving backups and safeguard your data from internal and external threats with software encryption.

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